The First floor "Commons area"The Second floor Study AreaThe Third floor "Crosscul Area"The Fourth floor Center for Human Enrichment

Our library holds approximately 740,000 books and has a Learning Commons, Group Study Rooms, Media Rooms and Multi-purpose Rooms for active learning. The library building was extended in 2014. Then each floor was renewed for its specific use.

1.1 Library Exterior

1.2 Annex

The first floor "The Learning Commons area" (a place for encounter)

Library is a place where information is collected. The first floor is a collaborative space where students can come together to study, learn, create and socialize, leading to the exchange of information. The Learning Commons has combination tables and whiteboards. You can find books, meet people and explore your own interests here.

1.3 Learning Commons

1.4 Journals (Current Issues)

Facilities on the first floor;

  • Circulation Desk
  • OPAC and Self-Checkout machines
  • Weekly Magazines and Newspapers
  • 37 desktop PCs
  • Audiovisual Booths
  • Paperbacks (Japanese "Shinsho/Bunko"-Style)
  • Journals (Current and Back Issues)
  • Group Study Room-1

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The Second floor Study Area ("Gateway of Culture" and "the Crossroads of Knowledge")

You will always find something interesting on the first floor, to broaden and deepen your knowledge. In this library, there are 740,000 books available. There are reading rooms and a private study room to assist you as you devote yourself to your study.

2.1 Open Stacks

2.2 Electric Stacks

2.3 Reference Books

2.4 Private Study Booths

Facilities on the second floor;

  • Open Stacks (NDC "Nippon Decimal Classification" 000~999), Electronic Compact Stacks
  • Reference Desk
  • Books for Career Development and Qualifications
  • Group Study Room-2

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The Third floor "The Crosscul Area" (the place for planning, creation, and interaction)

Once you broaden and deepen your knowledge on the second floor, you can apply them to create new values on this floor. Media Rooms for group activities and Multi-purpose Rooms for active learning are available. These facilities are to promote "brain activation studies".

3.1 Multi Room 1

3.2 Multi Room 2

Media Rooms (A-F) are available for group work activities using desktop PCs and whiteboards. These rooms are different in size and desk type. You can book these rooms online.

Media Room Booking System

3.3 Media Room-A

3.4 Media Room-E

You can use Group Study Rooms located on each floor for group learning. Laptops are available for loan to students. Room booking must be made one week before the day of use.

3.5 Group Study Room-1

3.6 Group Study Room-2

Facilities on the third floor;

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The fourth floor Center for Human Enrichment