Guide to e-Books

e-books are academic books that can be accessed via the Internet.

User restrictions

  • Subscribed e-books are available to members of Wakayama University (students, teaching and administrative staff) only on-campus.
  • Open access books are available to anyone.


The following are prohibited when useing e-resources.

  • Systematic or programmatic downloading.
  • Reproduction or redistributing of the full-text file.

These actions may result in suspension of access to service for the entire campus of Wakayama University.

How to search for e-books

  • You can search for subscribed e-books on OPAC.
  • "e-Resource Portal Site" provides a title list of e-books including open access books.
  • When you search CiNii Books on-campus, the search result shows e-Resource Portal Site icons. Click the icon to find out if it is available in a printed book or e-book.
  • The following are the e-book providers/platforms that Wakayama University subscribes to.

In e-book collections of NetLibrary, you can use free e-books and 40 subscribed e-books about science and engineering published by Tokyo Denki University Press.

Emerald Insight

You can use 31 e-books on tourism and hospitality published by Emerald Publishing.

JSTOR JSTOR Sustainability
1,933 monographs (reports) and 206 journals about "sustainability" are available.

The following collections published by Springer are available.

  • "Computer Science" published in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012 (3,604 titles)
  • "Lecture Notes in Computer Science" published in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011 (2,175 titles)
  • "Behavioral Science" published from 2006 to 2011 (266 titles)
  • "Engineering" published in 2009 and 2011 (1,278 titles)
  • "Professional and Applied Computing" published in 2006 (119 titles)
  • "Full Package" published in 2005 (3,040 titles)
Maruzen eBook Library

You can use more than 800 subscribed e-books in the collection of Maruzen e-book Library.

It is available off-campus if you register as a user.

* Limit on number of users: 1 (Be sure to logout when you finish using this database.)

ProQuest Ebook Central

You can use 41 e-books on tourism published by Channel View Publications.

* Limit on number of users: 1 (Be sure to logout when you finish using this database.)

Routledge Handbooks Online The following collections published by Routledge are available.

Contact us

If you have trouble using e-resources, (e.g you can't access a full-text file), contact us after checking the following items:

  • Book title, URL
  • Error message
  • Access route to the e-resource (Ex. from a link on the library website, from a link of OPAC, from the website of the publisher, etc.)
  • Your PC's OS, web browser version and your location (on-campus/off-campus)
  • The time trouble occurred
  • Can you access the same e-resource from another PC?
  • Can you access other e-resources of the same publisher/platform?

Contact information

Information Service Section, Wakayama University Library
E-mail: lib-joho@center.wakayama-u.ac.jp

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