Guide to Different Types of Items

When you require items categorized below, you must contact the Circulation Desk.

Items in Stack Rooms The following members of Wakayama University can enter Stack Rooms by using a student ID card or staff ID card.
  • Graduate students
  • Research students
  • Faculty members
  • Administrative staff
Audio-visual Items
  1. Bring an item to the Circulation Desk. We will give you a numbered ticket in exchange for your Student ID card, Staff ID card, Library card or Temporary pass.
  2. You can use it at Audio-visual Booth.
Micro Resources There are some fragile items. Contact us in advance to have access to these.
  • The library has the following theses.
    • Master degree theses at the Graduate School of Economics
    • Master degree theses at the Graduate School of Tourism
    • Doctoral degree theses at the Graduate School of Systems Engineering
  • There is a holding list at the Circulation Desk. You cannot search these on OPAC, except for the doctoral dissertations.
  • The author's permission is required for photocopying, all or part, of the contents.
  • Wakayama University Academic Repository includes doctoral thesis from 2013 to present.
Books bound in Japanese style In most cases, you cannot make copies.
Rare books (including “Kishu Han” Collection)
  • To use rare books, you must submit an application form, in advance, available at the Circulation Desk.
  • You cannot make copies of the original book.

Except Audio-visual Materials;

  • Library staff will bring the materials for you.
  • Service hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays.